Colin Green selected to contest Edgbaston at the next election

Local campaigner Colin Green has been reselected to contest Birmingham Edgbaston at the next election. Not only is Brexit damaging Britain directly, the Brexit crisis in parliament is stopping anything else being done. To stop this mess, we need to change our MPs.

Colin Green’s Top 3 priorities


The UK has 3 million more households than it has houses. People are forced to share houses, or to live in temporary accommodation. Housing costs are being driven up because demand exceeds supply. We must build decent, affordable homes to house everyone.

The Environment

The threat of climate change is growing, but tackling it needn’t mean hair shirts and cold houses. Britain is able to live sustainably, but we need to get on with it. The switch to electric cars will reduce CO2 and improve air quality. We just need to build the charging points and renewable energy sources to make it happen. The Lib Dems care about the environment enough to get on and do it.

Stop Brexit

Brexit is not just damaging jobs, trade and our reputation. It’s stopping anything else being done. This Tory civil war over Europe has stopped the government working to solve the nations problems. The Lib Dems comfortably defeated both Labour and Conservatives in the euro elections.

With the parties being so close together in the polls since then, the Lib Dems could be the biggest party in the next government. As a voter in Birmingham Edgbaston, you could help make that happen.

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