Colin Green welcomes a 12th December General Election

Parliament has voted to hold a general election on 12th December.  We will be going to the polls in a little over 6 weeks.

Commenting, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Colin Green said "I would have preferred a People's Vote as the best way to solve Brexit.  But Labour and Conservative MPs blocked this every time it has come to parliament.  So I welcome a general election.  It is the next best way to give you the chance to decide what we do next. 

"I want to stop Brexit because of the damage it will do to jobs and to the NHS.  I want the people to have another say on Brexit because the promises made about Brexit cannot be kept.  The Tories want to deliver Brexit knowing the harm it will do to the country.  Labour want to negotiate their own Brexit.

"Voting for Lib Dem MPs on 12th December will help put a stop to Brexit, so we can concentrate on tackling the Climate Emergency, the Housing Crisis and protecting our NHS."

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