Edgbaston will choose a new MP on 8th June

Theresa May has triggered a General Election for 8th June.  Edgbaston's sitting MP, Gisela Stuart, has decided to not contest the seat again.  So in a few weeks time, Edgbaston will choose a new MP.

This elecetion will be defined by Brexit.  Theresa May's Conservatives are pushing for a damaging Hard Brexit.  Jeremy Corbyn's Labour are just letting them do it.  Only the Liberal Democrats have an unbroken record of supporting Britain's place in Europe.

Local Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Colin Green, has vowed to fight against the Tories' Hard Brexit.  Commenting on the election being called, Colin said: "Brexit will damage Britain.  It will hurt our economy, harming jobs and pay.  It will hurt our NHS as many of our doctors and nurses are EU citizens.  And it will hurt families in Edgbaston and nationwide -  Families with EU and British citizens whose future is under threat from Brexit.

"This election is your opportunity to change the direction of our country.  To change from Theresa May's Hard Brexit, her under funded NHS, and her idealogical cuts that hurt those in real need.

"This election is your opportunity to change Jeremy Corbyn's  Labour.  They provide no opposition to the Tories.  They failed to oppose Brexit in Parliament.  Time and again they have let Theresa May get away with whatever she wants.

"On the 8th of May you will choose a new MP.  I will stand up for Edgbaston and its people.  I will stand against the harm that Brexit will cause.  And I will stand up for our values of Openness, Tolerance, Fairness and Equality.  Take your oppotunity to change by voting for me on 8th June."

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