Get the basics right

Birmingham has been let down by mismanagement and a lack of vision.  In 2015, after serious failings of the council, the government appointed an Independent Improvement Panel to oversee improvements to the city’s governance.  The city has still under supervision because it has not made sufficient improvement.  Amongst the criticisms of Birmingham is that it couldn’t even get the basics right, like emptying the bins and cleaning the streets.  We want to put an end to this.  We have a plan to improve public service in Birmingham to make a city we can be proud of.

Empty the bins
The city’s most basic service, emptying the bins, is simply not good enough.  The current council’s reforms have failed to make improvements.  We will draw up plans to fix refuse collections for good.

Clean the streets
Dirty streets rob communities of pride in themselves.  It makes our streets look like no-one cares for them.  We will reverse street cleaning cuts made over recent years.

Tackle fly tipping
Dirty streets encourage fly tipping.  We want to make Birmingham a city to be proud of.  We will tackle the people who fly tip using mobile CCTV to catch people dumping rubbish at common fly tipping sites.

Fix the roads
Some of our roads are in a very poor state and wait for months or more for repairs.  Others seem to be resurfaced even thought they’re not too bad.  We will repair and maintain the roads better by adding flexibility to the repair schedule, to be more responsive to community priorities.

Collect unpaid council tax
Council budgets have been badly squeezed by government cuts.  We will ease budget pressures by reducing the amount of unpaid council tax.

Meet our environmental and recycling targets
The city is not meeting it’s recycling targets.  Over recent years, the improvements the Lib Dems achieved have been reversed.  If our neighbours in Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley can do it, then so should we.

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