Lib Dems are committed to keeping Britain in Europe

The vote to leave Europe has triggered the biggest crisis in Britain for decades.  Only the Lib Dems are standing up for the millions of people who are worried about the future holds. Over 17,000 people have joined the party in recent weeks.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: “We respect the result of the referendum but it doesn’t change our values or our belief that Britain is better off in Europe. So that is what we will fight for at the next election.  And we say to every EU citizen already living here - of course you should be able to stay in the country you have made home.

“I think even people who disagree with us will respect the fact we are standing by what we believe.  And for the many millions of people who strongly agree with us, my message to them is: join us.  Help us secure a future for Britain that is tolerant, optimistic and prosperous.

“We are the only party that is united and wholehearted in our support for Britain future being at the heart of Europe.  It’s what we fought for at the referendum and what we will keep fighting for in the future.”