Lib Dems win Euro election in Harborne and Edgbaston

Stunning results from the EU elections in May show that the Lib Dems won the vote in Harborne and Edgbaston wards. We finished in second place across the whole constituency too.

Lib Dems won a record 16 MEPs across the country, including Phil Bennion here in the West Midlands. Nationally, the Lib Dems finished in second place, with more MEPs than Labour and Conservative combined.

The Lib Dem’s message was clear: Stop Brexit

Labour’s contradictory message tried to offer everything to everyone and failed. The Tories seemed to offer nothing to no-one and succeeded. Both parties have lost the support of the public, both at the election and in polling since.

Where the Tories have divided our country, we must bring it back together. Where Labour have dithered on the future of our country, we will remain clear. Brexit is no longer the will of the people. It’s promises cannot be delivered. It will continue to harm us.
We will continue to fight for a second referendum to prove that remaining in the EU is the will of the people. Then we will stop Brexit. If you want that too, join us.

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