Housing that meets everyone's needs

 Birmingham has a chronic shortage of housing, especially social housing.  There are over 18,000 people on waiting lists for affordable rented homes.  Meanwhile, around 5,000  houses in the city sit empty.  It is time we looked after people in our own city.  We will make sure there are enough houses for us all to live in.

Build more social housing
As part of the council until 2012, we were part of the city’s first drive to build new homes for a generation. The city needs more homes, especially more affordable homes.  It is shameful that so much land is left unused while people wait for homes to be built.

Make more land available for housing
Where council land is unused, we want to make it available for housing, particularly affordable homes.

Self build
We want to support the self-build movement by making land available, and by splitting larger plots into single house units.
Bring empty houses back into use
We would step up the drive to bring the city’s 5,000 empty properties back into use.

Student accommodation
Birmingham has a growing student population.  It brings money and jobs to our city.  But it increases pressure on our housing supply.  We will work with our universities to get build the kind of accommodation students want to live in.
Convert empty shops into houses
Some districts have more shops than are needed to serve the community.  With so many people waiting for houses, we should allow empty shops to be converted into new homes.

Insulate council owned houses
We would like to restart the insulation of existing council owned properties, especially the many unclad tower blocks.  We will lead the way in making our homes warm and environmentally sustainable.


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