Not a Penny Less for Birmingham

Local Lib Dem Colin Green has issued a statement challenging the new government to protect EU funding for Birmingham.

Colin said: "The Leave camp in the referendum made much of the money we send to Brussels. But they neglected the money Brussels spends in Birmingham. Between 2007-2013, Birmingham got £640 million from the EU. It helped revitalise important facilities like the Town Hall, the ICC and the Hippodrome, as well as money for community projects all over the area - all important to the city's economy and tourism.

“If we leave the EU, will the new government commit to matching EU funding? Or does Brexit really mean Brexit?

“EU investment in Birmingham was on target to top £1 billion in the next few years. If we are to leave the EU, we won’t be sending any money to Brussels. So we need a quick, firm, commitment from the government that they will ensure Birmingham gets at least the same amount of our money as Europe would have repaid us. I want a commitment from government that we will get Not a Penny Less for Birmingham.”

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