Serve Our Communities

Serve our communities and neighbourhoods

Birmingham’s communities and neighbourhoods are being neglected. Our community spaces, parks, playgrounds and libraries are being under funded and threatened with closure. Communities are the grass roots that make neighbourhoods thrive. We want to put the heart back into our neighbourhood by protecting the spaces that make our communities live.

Make better use of local libraries and community centres

Our local libraries and community centres are often the heart of local communities, but funding cuts threaten them with reduced hours or closure. We will raise funding by hiring out rooms for community use or moving in council offices to share the running costs of the buildings.

Open up the Library of Birmingham

It is ridiculous that we have the biggest central library in Europe but it’s opening hours have been cut so much that many people can’t use it. We will push to restore longer opening hours by hiring out spaces in the library for events.

Promote the Arts in the communities

We want to make Birmingham a lively and fun place to be.  We will investigate promoting the arts by making venues available to event organisers. We will look at ways of promoting events in a similar way to the Jazz Festival, to encourage events like street theatre.

Fly tipping and Anti-Social Behaviour

Around 100 incidents of fly tipping reported every day. Reports of fly tipping doubled following cuts to bulky rubbish and green waste collections.  We will restore a bulky rubbish collection per house per year and will restore green waste collections. Plus we will do more to catch people who are fly tipping. Local improvements We plan to increase funding to the city’s district engineers. This will fund local improvements where there is local demand, like zebra crossings, dropped kerbs for push chairs or pedestrian refuges on busy roads.

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