Support the Homeless and Abused

Birmingham’s Labour Council are pressing ahead with a £10 million redevelopment of Centenary Square.  The plans feature a reflective pool to make people walk round, rather than across the square.

Local Lib Dem Colin Green said: "It is a complete waste of our money.  How can Labour justify this when they’re cutting £10m from the homeless and domestic abuse budgets?  Their spending priorities are just wrong.”

Ian Garrett added: “The council are failing to make their planned savings, meaning even more cuts this year.  Yet they want to blow £10 million on a reflective pool.  Centenary Square was only redeveloped a couple of years ago when the new library was opened.  It is a great space that is used for craft markets and community events.  It doesn’t need a new look.
“Labour needs to rethink its priorities over where it spends our money.  When they’re making ever more cuts, this pool is an extravagant waste.”  

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