The Environment

The environment and the built environment

Take a lead on the built environment we all live in.  Grow green paths agross the city.  Clean up our transport.  Use our size as an advantage.  We have enough large roof spaces to make a solar farm, creating electricity without polluting the air we breathe.

A solar city
Birmingham has acres of unused rooftops and more sunshine than we get credit for.  Fitting  solar panels to our larger roofs would  generate huge amounts of clean energy for our city.  Fitting solar panels on canopies over car parks can add to the acres of unused rooftops, creating  zero emission power for our city.

Increase recycling
Recycling in Birmingham peaked when the Lib Dems were part of the ruling council group.  We want to improve the city’s recycling rate beyond even this.  Half of the ‘residual waste’ in Birmingham is food waste.  The Lib Dems will introduce food waste ‘recycling’, turning food waste into compost rather than landfill.

Cycling and walking routes
Birmingham’s roads are busy and congested.  It makes them unfriendly places for cyclists.  We want to encourage journey by bike by providing safe cycle routes across the city.  We want to link the city’s ‘town centres’ to parks and green spaces with footpaths and cycle routes.  We will make the routes well lit and well drained so they’re suitable for year round use.

Cleaner Taxis
We would like to use licensing to make all new taxis electric or hybrid vehicles, with exceptions for accessible vehicles.

Combined heat and power
Combined heat and power schemes generate electricity from natural gas and use the waste heat to warm the building.  Using the gas ‘twice’ saves cost and reduces pollution.  We want council run civic centres, tower blocks and apartment buildings to benefit while we also protect the environment.

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