Transport That Works

Transport that works

A city can only work if people can travel across it freely.  Too often, traffic is a barrier to people’s lives.  We need a transport revolution.  Our aim is to make public transport faster than going by car.  We aim to make cycling or walking easier, safer and healthier than sitting in traffic.

Transport and traffic
Birmingham’s road management systems are out-dated, causing congestion and pollution.  We will bring 21st century traffic management to our city starting with “smart junction" schemes.

New public transport routes
Moving about our city is constrained by our narrow roads.  To tackle this we will explore opening new mass transit corridors.  Old railway lines Moseley and Kings Norton route can be brought into use.  Tramways can be build along our trunk roads and Bus-Trams like the Birmingham Sprint can make smarter use of roads where trams cannot.

High Speed transport corridors
Making public transport faster than driving is key to encouraging people to leave their cars at home.  Priority bus lanes and smart traffic lights mean express buses never have to stop and wait.

Birmingham Sprint
Improving public transport is vital to our city.  Birmingham Sprint is a bus-tram hybrid.  As fast as going by car, as green as taking the bus.  The high tech buses works like a trams,  and with active traffic management, it never waits at traffic lights.  Roll out of the scheme has stalled and the Lib Dems want to get it moving again.

Contactless travel
We will work with Travel West Midlands to make payments made easier by accepting contactless card payments on buses and trams.

Refocus 20 MPH limits
In the right places, 20 MPH speed limits can make roads safer.  But 20 MPH limits slow down ambulances and fire engines.  Many recent 20 zones have had little impact on safety.  We will scrap 20 MPH limits where there is no evidence they have reduced accidents.  We will more carefully asses new 20 MPH schemes.


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